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Minister Ava Muhammad

A Star of God

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Dr. Ava Muhammad is a gifted attorney,
spiritual adviser and author

Dr. Ava Muhammad is the author of the powerful and popular book, 'Real Love.' She received her Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University and is a member of the New York Bar. She has also been featured in Essence Magazine, which named her one of America's most powerful Black women. The focus of her work is self-empowerment and community development.

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How does minister ava empower others to grow

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Minister Ava Muhammad has designed specialty classes across a broad range of areas to broaden and deepen self-knowledge and understanding to advance your life skills.

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Minister Ava is a popular guest for hosts seeking interviews on  their radio,  television, print and social media outlets. Her special gift with audiences has placed her in high demand.

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Dr. Ava is a highly sought after lecturer by professional and grass roots organizations, universities, conferences, conventions & webinars.

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