Dr. Ava Muhammad has written several Self Help books designed to set to set you on a path of healing and ultimate elevation.

Can a Muslim Worry and Overcoming Burnout

Do you feel that you are exhausted -- mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally drained? Burnout is something that happens to Muslims, Christians, Jews, Agnositcs, Atheists, Nationalists and more...no one is immune from this

How do you recognize if you are a "worry addict?" What are the three categories of worry? How do you eradicate it so that it does not take years off of your life -- both qualitatively and quantitatively?


In this special two part book, Minister Ava invites you on the road to peace through self-analysis and practical solutions.

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Minister Farrakhan declared, in his Saviours' Day 2010 Message, "Those who survive what is coming will be in the Hereafter." He went on to make this profound statement: "To escape this, you must be able to escape Time."

So, how do we escape time in this critical hour? We invite the reader to read, reflect and apply that which is necessary is the change-over of worlds.


Directing Your Will, Thoughts and Words to Get Your Life in Order (eBook)

“Why we must undergo a process of development of discipline and self-control and understand how to gain control of three divinely given faculties: the will, the imagination and the capacity to understand, to bring our desires and goals into fruition”

"It is important to begin to look at ourselves. No matter who we think is at fault for how we got here, we're in this condition. We must agree that the condition of Black people is one in need of improvement. So how are we going to get out of it?"

Minister Ava Muhammad invites you on a journey to take what God has already deposited in you to become the architect of a new reality for yourself, your community, and the Black Nation as a whole.

Real Love

"What makes us open our arms to those we care about and say, "Show me some love!"? It is our need to see it, feel it, absorb it. Love is the universal generator of life. It creates, sustains and nourishes everything in the Universe. This means all humans have a primary need for Love. At the core of your being is the impulse to share and receive this energy on its many levels through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual contact with others. This is not some vague, abstract idea; it is a substantive, magnetic energy." 

Whether you have been married for 2 years or 20 years, single or divorced, this book will provide tools to develop, revive or restore the state of Real Love. 

The highly popular, most sought after "Real Love" book  is now available as an eBook download. 

"Our power is the power to make a thought complete, combine it with other thoughts until an idea is formed. You don't need money and political connections to move reality, because once you can use that awesome brain you have to form an idea and unite with someone else and connect that idea to form a synthesized idea from the two, you will begin to see you do have a special purpose and that process will continue on and on as you connect with other people until you touch the Divine Plan, Purpose and Will of God Himself."

Minister Ava Muhammad invites you an journey to take what God has already deposited in you to become the architect of a new reality for yourself, one which is in complete harmony with God and all of His Divine Creation.

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"There is nothing in the Universe like the Black woman. Allah (God) created her from and for Himself, so she is indeed a force to be reckoned with. I want her to know it."


"To be beautiful," Minister Ava shares, is to live in accord with the nature in which we are created. To be ourselves."

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